Hecate Cynthus

Hecate Cynthus

"I will remember all those who touched my life."
Race Viera Veena
Gender Trans Male
Age Appears to be in his 30s
Orientation Pansexual Polyamorous
Class Black Mage with a touch of Monk
Residence Kagune & Ul'dah
Aether & Crystal
Aloof at first but once he opens up you find he is very kind. Sharp of tongue and wit, sassy and playful. He will answer questions; but will leave many things unanswered. He holds his secrets while also whispering them in ones ear. He is a court- often comforting others once the sun sets. He does not like to spend his nights alone. If he ever thinks he's getting to close to someone he tends to try and pull away- run, not one for connections. A fear of growing attached then watching then grow old and die. During the day you can find him either doing business for his employer, enjoying flowers or tea- or handing out sweets to children. Some know him by an entirely different name.

A past for a future not yet had

Hecate did not originate on the source, he came from the 13th known commonly as the void. He grew up a normal life being curious. Always wanting to learn and gain knowledge. Climbing the trees to break the canopies- to look at the moon and stars. "A great pearl in a dragons claw." Was what he had always been told- known. His village worshipping the moon and dragons. As he grew and more was expected of him- his own prowess at magic proving to be a great downfall for him causing many problems.When he was approached by a man who showed great familiarity and almost sorrow- promising to make him whole- give him knowledge and power, he accepted without question. Gaining memories of a life forgotten- an end in fire and tears. It was a shock to the system though he still held onto those in his current world. It bringing along far more questions despite the voice of Zodiark now in his head. When his world had been flooded in darkness and all he knew was suddenly gone- twisted and deformed, it made him snap. Something in him a will breaking that voice. "These people did not deserve this. Our time is gone. Done. They are living- breathing- alive just as we once where. This is wrong. You are wrong."So he took his leave of them- for over 9000 years switching from body to body, attempting to stop any plot or plan. Anything that failed it hit him hard. The last one being the Allagans where he once more lost someone he loved and care for deeply. He drew into himself; seeming to loose who he was. Loosing his way wandering aimlessly. When he came upon a Viera laying in a shallow pool of water dying- seeming from a fall. He offered to briefly take the body- heal them so they might live. They simply refused- ready to die. He thought it so strange that someone young by Viera standards be ready so he inquired if he might have the body. Wondering what might be happening in the world now. The Viera consented.When becoming one with the viera, gaining all that they young one was and is he forgot himself for a time. Believing he was that Viera- now knowing someone he trusted had pushed him off that branch, he ran. Leaving that snowy forest. Traveling far trying to get away. Coming to Ul'dah where he decided to settle. He was quickly noticed being a Viera and scooped into a wrong crowd. Finding he had a talent for selling his body he started as a means to get by. The Ul'dah underground had plenty of places he could do this.He caught the eye of one of the crime lords finding himself quickly shackled to this man. For five years he did as he was told- not out of want but out of force. Kept drugged so he could not use magic and barely fight back. He was used in many way- till by chance when playing arm candy and watching the fighting pits, he met a Miqo'te. So taken by the strength he left the persons side to hunt and speak to them. A quick friendship flowering.The friendship blooming and soon when his friend found out the shackles he was under a plot was hatched. Months of planning coming to a boiling point where they both took out most of this group. A freedom gained through a lot of blood. Soon meeting and befriending others he spent the next three years learning that arts of Thalmaturgy. Gaining another friend in a young Miqo'te who he worked hard to keep out of trouble.In that time he started to recall who- what he was. In that time he was found by another ascian who tried to threaten his dear friend. He made the choice instead of telling them to protect them choosing to 'die' on them. Money changing hands a lot of planning and a normal adventure turned into tragedy. Dying in the arms of his friend only to wake up in a shallow grave and a memory gap from the trauma.He once again started traveling- years later finding that same young Miqo'te that he attempted to keep out of trouble. They instantly recognizing him. A friendship once more blossoming. One that saw to Hecate getting his red chocobo that throws down meteors. A dangerous adventure he delights in telling others- also the same day he got his tongue piercing.They got separated, Hecate finding himself alone once more. The calamity looming he tried to make his presence known. To stop the others- but again a failure. Drawing in on himself he started to drown himself in nights working for pleasures of the flesh. Wanting to keep anyone and everyone at arms length. Not allowing himself anything beyond carnal desires. Till now- when he met someone that reminded him to live. Slowly allowing people in once more.He is reminded that these people breath. They are alive. They are here. He would fight for them.

"As I rememebr you."



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